Rick Murch - RM Specialties -- Costly Mistake,inferior products used

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Rick Murch promised a deck and cover. Deck was built with inferior wood and cover was never completed. He has refused to disclose receipts for work and never sent estimate as requested. Price paid was over 30% of estimate and that's with an unfinished project.

Please don't make the same mistake that I did and trust someone without a written contract.

Don't pay upfront. He will just take your money.

I'm going to have to replace the wood used or cover it.

I filed a complaint with BBB and will seek legal means due to the cost of this project.

The wood used on my deck was inferior. I had him replace some boards but many more (if not almost all) need to be replaced due to spliting on the sides, and knot holes falling out. It's just a giant splinter play ground. Decks should be built with premium wood due to the fact that bare feet will be walking across the wood. The wood used was not "premium". Not even close.

My late husband built the previous deck some 22-25 years ago with just a friend. Neither had any construction experience. My husband's deck looked 100% better than the one built by Mr. Rick Murch and he advertises that he has over 23 years of experience.

If I had on my bucket list "be taken advantage of by a local contractor and pay 30% more than orignally agreed for a deck that was never completed", I would now have it checked off in bold type.

Please don't pay contractors up front, get everything in writing, and get a written warranty for product and service.

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